Lead Engineer

Training Mobs

Training Mobs is a social fitness startup that's all about helping people find awesome workouts
near them. We're dedicated to changing the way people think about working out, and we do this
through the products we build and the fitness ecosystem we're creating.

We've built an amazing, growing community of people who love working out together:
our "Mobsters" do some simply amazing workouts, get together for events that attract hundreds
of people, and form awesome friendships in the process. We've been on TV, radio and have
even been called "The Facebook of Workouts".

In the trenches, we're working on some hard, embedded issues in our fight to build a better
fitness industry for everyone. We take the long view and believe that what we do changes
peoples' lives for the better. Thriving at Training Mobs means taking pride in owning your part of
realising our vision. You'll need to adapt quickly, learn quickly and nut out creative solutions to
some really interesting problems - wherever you sit. We work hard, work out and are a diverse
bunch who quote an awful lot of Family Guy references!


As the Lead Engineer, you'll be responsible for designing and delivering entire feature sets and
products - from mockups to production. You should be comfortable jumping in the deep end and
picking up new technologies and skills just in time to use them in real projects. We're not tech
zealots (we believe in the best tools for the job) and are currently running a LAMP stack, with
beanstalkd for message queueing and memcached for added awesomeness.

You'll bring your deep experience in building great web applications to bear on all aspects of
our engineering effort. This is a startup position, so we’re definitely hoping to learn as much
from you as you do from us. We don't silo responsibilities, and you'll be expected to perform as
a generalist within our small team. This means jumping into the build scripts in the morning to
debug a weird deployment issue before tweaking our ranking engine in the afternoon.

You're someone who your colleagues come to for help with a difficult problem or hard-to-
find bug. You're recognized by your peers as a cut above the rest, and can turn complicated
workflows and user scenarios into well-architected, testable solutions.

● Iterating on and improving our ranking engine to better match Mobsters with cool workouts happening around them
● Identifying and fixing performance bottlenecks through the stack
● Building the Training Mobs mobile experience (and the API to enable it)
● Building a payments engine to allow Mobsters to pay for workouts online
● Diving into the data and pulling out insights to help us better understand how Mobsters interact with our products

Expertises Techniques: 

● great at writing clean, well-documented code in PHP
● great at writing unit and user acceptance tests
● a master bug hunter - from DB to user interface
● comfortable with linux and basic sys admin stuff
● great at working with lots of data - MySQL and SQL in general - and mining it for insights
● comfortable with jQuery, HTML and CSS (at least enough to extend the existing codebase)

Critères Généraux: 


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Interested? Drop us a line at jobs@trainingmobs.com and let’s have a chat!