PHP Consultant


Provide a team of 3-4 professionals to operate as a self managed development unit. This team will be dedicated to our client for at least 6months with the possibility of extending the mandate at their request.


The format of the work and the relationship will be one of capacity/team augmentation. Team members will be trained on their product and their environment. Team members will be provided direct access to their pre-production development and testing environments. The team and their delivery process will integrate directly into their regular operating environment, working in parallel with 2 to 3 other in-house development teams.


At times the entire team will be working on the same piece of code, at other times team members may be working on different pieces of code. The priorities of the business and the nature of the work will dictate how work is assigned.


Their product is akin to a social networking site. Major features include user profile management, search, chat, the ability to create “friend” lists and various forms of messaging (chat, email, etc.). We invite you to create a female account (the site is free for women) on their site to experience it directly.


Their product is largely built on a Java backend. We are in process of doing code cleanup and building out various APIs in order to contain the Java code to this layer. Their objective is to have a largely PHP based front end. Ours is a 100% Linux environment and we require all developers to code on a native Linux OS.



Expertises Techniques: 

Their complete list of technologies is as follows

  • Java / PHP / Scala

  • Linux

  • MySQL

  • Freemarker / JSP

  • Struts 2

  • Hibernate

  • Git

  • Subversion

Critères Généraux: 

Team Profile:

  • Their preference is to have an all-senior team, where each members has over 6 years experience

    • However, depending on cost, there is the possibility of a maximum of 2 less senior developers provided these individuals are directly supervised and their work managed by more senior members of the team.

  • All team members must be able to communicate in English and all senior level team members must be able to communicate at an advanced level.

  • All team members must have Java, MySQL and Linux expertise and experience.

  • All team members must have PHP knowledge, with at least 2 being able to program in PHP at a senior level.

  • The team must work together, sitting in the same physical location in order to provide self-contained first level support for one another and maximize knowledge sharing.

  • The majority of the experience of all team members must be in Web development.

  • The senior members must have some experience with the key features of their site such as search, chat and internal email systems.

Comment Appliquer: 

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